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Remco Ruimtebouw

Remco Ruimtebouw is a household name in The Netherlands and far beyond.

Remco Ruimtebouw is a leading builder of commercial premises. Since its establishment in 1972 the business has grown impressively. The activities, which started with only a handful of enthusiastic people and a dealership contract of an American supplier of commercial buildings, now has grown to a worldwide company in the construction of industrial- and commercial premises. Furthermore, Remco Ruimtebouw is continuously developing and investing in new markets and new product market combinations.

Remco Ruimtebouw is not only one of the leading builders of commercial premises in the Netherlands, but with local enterprises, strategic alliances and agencies it also has a structural presence in Central and Eastern Europe, the Caribbean and in Africa. Next to these structural markets, Remco Ruimtebouw occasionally realizes projects outside the traditional working area in amongst others North and South America and Asia.

Remco Ruimtebouw is part of the Janssen de Jong Group, one of the most solid companies in the construction industry in The Netherlands. The Group has divided its activities into the clusters Project Development and Construction, Caribbean as well as Commercial Premises. Remco Ruimtebouw belongs to the latter.

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Remco Ruimtebouw

1st contract in Cuba!

Cigars from Cuba and industrial premises from The Netherlands. After delivery of the first engineering contract for a workshop with office space in Cuba, the final contract for realization of the building has been signed. 

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Sun protection!

The climate in Africa varies by country. While at some places it is hot and dry it can be very wet at other places. But most areas have a rain and dry season. 


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A new building in the soutern part of the Netherlands!

In a city in the southern part of the Netherlands, famous for amongst other facts his beautiful market square, the contract has been signed for the construction of a production and storage building. 

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Extension phase II wallcladding has started in Ethiopia!

After realization of the superstructure and erection of the steelconstruction we have started with the erection of the wallcladding. 


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Red, white, blue!

While Willem Alexander and Máxima are giving the signal to start the “King Playings” 

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