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About us

Remco Ruimtebouw has an excellent reputation both in the Netherlands and in many other countries. We have completed more than 5,000 special business premises projects ranging from a couple of hundred to tens of thousands of square metres in size.

Who we are

We have grown impressively since the moment we were founded in 1972. A small group of enthusiasts and the dealership for an American supplier of business premises have grown into a global player in industrial business premises.

Steel system building
Our building system can best be described as ‘bespoke solutions based on standard modules’. Lots of elements are prefabricated in our factory. These prefabricated parts - such as the steel structure and wall and roof elements - are then delivered to the building site and assembled into one building by our building teams.

Personal contact
Personal contact is a strong characteristic of the way we do business. At Remco Ruimtebouw, you always have your own adviser. He or she is your fixed contact. They hold the first meeting with you and keep track of everything for you.

High customer satisfaction
We pay a lot of attention to customer satisfaction as part of our business operations and we are proud that this pays off: many a client has returned to Remco Ruimtebouw to once again rely on our trusted approach for expansion or new build projects!

Sustainable and environmentally aware
Our business premises are constructed to sustainable and environmentally aware standards. The materials we use can be recycled or can be reused in their entirety. This ensures that the buildings built by Remco Ruimtebouw do not pose a burden for future generations.

Our steel building system is suitable for use anywhere in the world. We have constructed many business premises around the world, including in Africa, the Caribbean, and Central and Eastern Europe.

High quality
Our building system guarantees high quality and a short building time, and we always meet the agreements we make with you. This ensures that you take possession of a steel business premises with its own, unique look that fully matches your wishes.

Further information

Would you like to know what Remco Ruimtebouw can do for you? Then please call us on +31 (0) 88 004 93 00 or email

Business Premises cluster
Remco Ruimtebouw is part of Janssen de Jong Groep and also forms part of its Business Premises cluster together with Hercuton, Hafkon International and ServicebouwPlus. You can find more information about the cluster and our integrity policy on the right!

A group company of Janssen de Jong