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We have been building business premises using steel building systems since we were incorporated in 1972. In fact, we have built more than 5,000 business premises this way. The advantages of our steel buildings are described below!

Advantages of our steel building system

1. Good price/performance ratio
Remco Ruimtebouw is your guarantee of a good price/performance ratio. This is due to several factors. Our many years of experience enable you to benefit from our optimized building system with a low weight per m2. You also save on the cost of foundations, transport costs, and assembly costs.

2. Short building time
Choosing Remco Ruimtebouw means choosing a steel building system that consists of a series of existing solutions by means of which we can construct any type of business premises. These prefabricated parts - such as the steel structure and wall and roof elements - are delivered to the building site as complete pieces and then assembled into one building by our building teams regardless of the weather conditions.

3. Free spans
One of the advantages of our building concept is the possibility of large free spans. This enables us to offer solutions to almost every question, for instance for companies in the logistics sector!

4. Architecture
If you opt for a new build, you would naturally like the business premises to match your own vision and design. It should be a building in which you can work pleasantly and efficiently. It can be a purely functional space or a business premises where customers can be welcomed in the appropriate business surroundings. With our building system, we can create the building that exactly matches your company, either with or without offices.

5. Flexible use of your business premises
Will the use of your building change after, let's say, 20 years? Well, your business premises can be transformed quite easily at any time. We will quickly adjust your premises, without high investments being required. This increases the economic life of your building and lowers the burden on the environment!

6. Suitable for several target groups
Its flexibility makes our building system suitable for many different sectors. Examples are production, trade, storage, distribution, automotive, waste processing, foodstuffs and sports.

Further information

Would you like to know more about what Remco Ruimtebouw can do for you? Then please call +31 (0) 88 004 93 00 or email You can also find more information about turnkey new build, building abroad, or our working method on the right!

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