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Our method

If you have plans for a new build project, there are lots of choices that you will have to make. You will have to set requirements regarding the look, layout and furnishing of your business premises and you will have to deal with several different government bodies. This is all new and confusing for many of our clients

Our method

Remo Ruimtebouw has many years of experience in this. We know what paths to take, where bottlenecks may occur, and how to do something about them in good time. Our building system guarantees high quality and a short building time at a price that is agreed in advance.

National or international?

The standards and requirements of government bodies in the Netherlands tend to differ from those abroad. Remco Ruimtebouw enjoys helping you achieve a business premises where you can work pleasantly and efficiently, and that fulfils both your aesthetic requirements and the requirements set by government bodies.

Turnkey completion

Choosing a turnkey new build means choosing turnkey completion. In that case, we take care of the entire building project (including the interior and exterior finish, technical installations, any fences and gates), from the design of your steel business premises up to and including final completion. This is very handy for you, since you only have one contact for all your questions and suggestions: Remco Ruimtebouw. Together with you, and in advance, our advisers will also determine the finish level required for your new business premises.

We take care of everything

For our international projects, we take care of the engineering, production, transport and assembly. And during the assembly period, there is always at least one experienced Remco Ruimtebouw Supervisor on site. We build international projects together with local workers. This is both a source of income for the local people involved, as well as giving them a lot of experience that they can use in their future careers.

High customer satisfaction

We pay a lot of attention to customer satisfaction as part of our business operations and we are proud that this pays off: many a client has returned to Remco Ruimtebouw to once again rely on our trusted approach for expansion or new build projects!

Plan of action

We have visualized the standard steps that you need to take for new build projects in the Netherlands and abroad. From our first contact up to turnkey completion and aftercare. You can find both plans of action on the right. If you have any further questions, remarks or suggestions after reading these plans, then please let us know!

Further information

Would you like to know what Remco Ruimtebouw can do for you? Then please call +31 (0) 88 004 93 00 or email You can also find more information about turnkey new build, building abroad, or reference projects on the right!

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