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Plan of action

The phased plan below shows you at a glance what to expect from Remco Ruimtebouw during the entire building project. If, after reading these plans, you have any further questions, remarks or suggestions, then please let us know!

Plan of action for international new build projects

Step 1: Intake meeting
Our partnership starts with an intake meeting between you and one of our advisers during which we take stock of your requirements, wishes and expectations. We aim to look at things from your perspective in order to achieve the best and most suitable new building for you.

Step 2: Preliminary design, quotation and technical description
Based on the schedule of requirements discussed, a quotation will then be drawn up. This quotation is accompanied by a preliminary design and a technical description.

Step 3: Agreement / Project preparation / Technical work preparation
Are you completely happy with the plans? If so, then we can come to an agreement, after which we will start on the final design and the construction drawings and calculations. As soon as these documents have been approved, we can start the technical work preparation and we can start producing the materials that are needed to build your business premises.

Step 4: Transport
Depending on the scope of the project, the materials will be produced and supplied in one or several phases. The materials are then loaded into shipping containers. Transport can be arranged by Remco Ruimtebouw in various ways, according to the applicable Incoterms. This international standard is developed and published by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), governing buyers' and sellers' rights and obligations as regards the international transport of goods. We also arrange the export documents that are required to allow the goods to be transported.

Step 5: On site installation
As soon as they have arrived at their destination, we can start assembling the building materials. Our assembly teams consist of a supervisor who represents Remco Ruimtebouw and local workers. Together, we ensure that your business premises is built according to the previously discussed quality standards, safety standards and planning.

Further information

Would you like to know what Remco Ruimtebouw can do for you? Then please call us on +31 (0) 88 004 93 00 or email You can also find more information about system building, building abroad, or our working method on the right!

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