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Plan of action

The plan of action below shows you at a glance what to expect from Remco Ruimtebouw during the entire building project. If, after reading these plans, you have any further questions, remarks or suggestions, then please let us know!

Plan of action for new build projects in the Netherlands

Step 1: Intake meeting
Our partnership starts with an intake meeting between you and one of our advisers during which we take stock of your requirements, wishes and expectations. We aim to look at things from your perspective in order to achieve the best and most suitable new building for you.

Step 2: Investment budget
An investment budget is then drawn up, based on the preliminary schedule of requirements. Together, we will discuss whether this matches your budget or which alternatives are possible to achieve this match.

Step 3: Preliminary design
When all your requirements, wishes and expectations are clear, we will compare them to the requirements set by the municipal and other authorities. Based on these requirements, we will then draw up a preliminary design and a quotation. Once you are completely happy with the plans, we will continue to step 4.

Step 4: Final design / building application
The final design activities are based on an agreement with Remco Ruimtebouw. As soon as the contract has been signed, we will make all the preparations required in order to file for the planning permit, nowadays called the All-in-one Permit for Physical Aspects (omgevingsvergunning) in the Netherlands. We use Tekla BIM software to efficiently lay down the details of, and make accurate calculations for, your project, and to create a virtual presentation. Together with you, we consult with the relevant authorities and we coordinate all the preparations. The planning permit will be filed for after all the preparations have been completed.

Step 5: The actual building stage
Since Remco Ruimtebouw also does the actual building work, we can start preparing the building site and do the excavation work immediately, as soon as the planning permit has been approved. No transfer is required. The people who have made all the preparations and who know your future business premises inside out are the same people who also coordinate the building process.

Step 6: Turnkey completion
Upon completion, you just have to insert the key in the lock in order to have your operations up and running in your beautiful new business premises in no time at all.

Step 7: Maintenance, refurbishment, renovation and renovation
Remco Ruimtebouw always wishes to enter into long-term relationships where it handles any and all building concerns for its clients. This means that we are also ready for you if you wish to expand, rebuild, refurnish or renovate your premises.
We do some of this work together with our sister company ServicebouwPlus. They specialize in advising and supporting clients by offering them total solutions for maintenance, renovation, refurbishment and rebuilding.

Further information

Would you like to know what Remco Ruimtebouw can do for you? Then please call us on +31 (0) 88 004 93 00 or email You can also find more information about system building, building abroad, or our working method on the right!

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