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Van Trier Europe's testimonial

“‘They do some great thinking for us.”

Hans van Trier

My experience: Hans van Trier, Managing Director/Owner

Van Trier Europe rents out all types and sizes of conveyors to agricultural and industrial customers all over the world. The company is located in Tholen, the Netherlands. Trucks loaded with rented machines leave the Van Trier grounds at least once an hour to be taken to an agricultural customer 'just around the corner', to storage and transhipment companies in the Rotterdam port, or to a building project in Ghana.

Three times
Remco Ruimtebouw built a business premises for Van Trier in 2010 (6,000 m2). In 2014, this was expanded (3,800 m2), and a second expansion took place in 2016 (5,400 m2). Managing Director and owner Hans van Trier chose for Remco Ruimtebouw because the company was recommended to him in a totally unexpected way.

Double checked
“During a business event, some other building contractors immediately referred to Remco Ruimtebouw as the ideal company for us to do business with. They didn't even try to get the job themselves. I knew enough. And they definitely lived up to my expectations. There's really nothing for me to worry about. All risks are checked and double-checked. They do some great thinking for us. And the results always look better than I could have imagined.”

"There's really nothing for me to worry about. All risks are checked and double-checked."

About Van Trier Europe

Van Trier, one of the oldest family-owned companies in the Netherlands, and maybe even in Europe, has always been passed down from father to son. The company started in 1746 as a blacksmith’s in De Heen, the Netherlands, and its current owner, Hans van Trier, is the ninth generation that has run the company. Every generation of Van Trier’s has developed and innovated the company, turning it into the modern conveyor belt rental company it is today. In 1996, Van Trier was awarded a royal warrant of Purveyor to the Court due to its long history and the special position it occupies in society.


A group company of Janssen de Jong