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Remco Ruimtebouw is building earthquake and hurricane resistant in Haiti


Remco Ruimtebouw received an order for the realization of a brewhouse, service building, filling line and pipe bridges in Haiti. We have previously realized a filling line, pipe bridges and steam house at the same location for this client. The positive experiences during this project ensured that the client again chose us. Two Remco Ruimtebouw Supervisors work together with local workers for the project.

The planning

The brewery will be realized in four phases:

1. Fourteen-meter-high brewhouse with two storey floors for offices.
2. Utility building, for this we build in between two buildings.
3. Pipe bridges are built over existing buildings and bridges.
4. New fill line for beer and soft drinks of 3,200 m2.

On February 19, 2018 we start with the construction of phase 1, 2 and 3. In mid-June the new filling line is planned.

Earthquake- and storm-resistant building

We build earthquake and hurricane resistant in Haiti. And that is certainly not a luxury it appeared during the realization of the previous project in 2016. Hurricane Matthew then caused enormous damage. Our Supervisors on site even had to spend two days in underground spaces of a convention center. Fortunately our construction proved already being "hurricane proof" during the realization.

Tons of steel

No less than 490 tons of steel is needed for this project. Packed in 50 shipping containers, it takes about six weeks to ship it from the ports in Rotterdam and Antwerp to the construction site in Port- au-Prince. Our project planners also take care of this logistic process.

Construction supervision

Our Supervisors monitor safety, quality and planning. Every week they consult with the project coordinator in The Netherlands to monitor the progress and to go through any adjustments. The project coordinator also periodically makes a working visit on site to keep an eye on the work on the other side of the ocean.

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