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Brewery Kinshasa DRC

Kinshasa DRC

In 2018, Remco Ruimtebouw will again be found in Kinshasa. At a large brewery we will realize a building for a CO2 installation. The client is no stranger to us. In the past few years we have already carried out various activities for them at this location.

For the client it’s an advantage that we work together with the local workers for the construction. In this way we create a source of income for the local stakeholders. In addition, they gain a lot of experience during the assembly.

In a nutshell, our earlier assignments:

In 2012 we received the assignment to realize a storage space at the brewery. This building was constructed in 2013.

For line 7 we have realized a production space. We started with the construction of this building in 2015 and it was completed in 2016.

At the beginning of 2015 measurements were done at the location for the replacement of a number of roofs. As a result, we replaced the roof of line 1. That year we also received the order to replace the roof of line 2.

In 2017 we carried out various activities at the brewery:
- The roof of line 2 has been replaced
- Assembly of, among other things, a cold store, PGP building and a cloakroom

In 2017 we received the assignment to realize a building for a CO2 installation. This project is scheduled in 2018 from week 20 onwards. Keep an eye on this project page for updates of this project.

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