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Megastore Kooyman

Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao

Kooyman is 'the one-stop-shop retailer for Hardware, Building Materials and Home Improvement' on Aruba, Bonaire, Curaçao and Sint Maarten. Remco Ruimtebouw realizes projects for Kooyman on a regular basis.

Aruba and Bonaire

On Bonaire a Megastore of 7,400 m² was built and on Aruba one of 17,500 m². On Aruba Remco Ruimtebouw supplied the materials for the superstructure of this megastore and supervised this part of the building activities. Kooyman BV had almost come to an agreement with an American supplier, but Remco Ruimtebouw provided a matrix and a selection menu that helped Kooyman make an informed decision. As a result, the contract was awarded to Remco Ruimtebouw. Rob Lendering was responsible for building management.


On Curaçao Remco Ruimtebouw supplied a Megastore with Drive Thru of 12,250 m². For this project we worked together with Albo Caribbean, also part of Janssen de Jong Group. Remco Ruimtebouw took care of the engineering, materials and transport for the new building. Albo Caribbean was commissioned for the assembly work and the civil works.

Download projectsheet Kooyman Curaçao

Further information

Would you like to read Kooyman’s experiences of working with Remco Ruimtebouw? Then read project leader Job Laboyrie's testimonial now.

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